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Middle East: What Cinema Can Do is proud to present 40 films over a 10-day period. As always the majority of them are documentaries, each painting a different facet of the bigger picture. There are many personal works from diaspora directors in search of family or identity, most notably the opening film by UK-based Mahdi Fleifel, A World Not Ours. There will be a couple of avant-premiers shown before being released in theatres and a certain number of the films are unveiling in France for the first time.

From the more than 150 films previewed, the films chosen illustrate the daily theme in which they will be shown, from Lebanon refugee camps to the cultural censorship in Iran, repression or revolution in countries like Syria, Egypt or Libyia, as well as the themes at the center of this event: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: notably occupation and spoliation.

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Screening date : 30-11-2013 -- 16:00
Jerry & Me
In her intimate documentary Jerry & Me, filmmaker Mehrnaz Saeedvafa examines the significant role that Hollywood movies and the iconic film actor/auteur Jerry Lewis played in her life.

Screening date : 03-12-2013 -- 18:15
Jews of Egypt
Amir Ramses asked himself the question, "How did the Jews of Egypt turn from partners to enemies in the eyes of the Egyptians?" This documentary is the result of the three years he spent capturing the fragments of the lives of the Egyptian Jewish community who lived there during the first half of the twentieth century and up until their second grand exodus after 1956.

Screening date : 03-12-2013 -- 20:30
Liberté, Liberté, O Mon Egypte
February 2011 at the Place Tahrir in Cairo in the middle of the revolution, an Egyptian mother and her daughter meet up again after having been separated for years. 

Screening date : 05-12-2013 -- 20:30
My Neighbourhood
Mohammed El Kurd is a Palestinian boy growing up in the neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah in the heart of East Jerusalem.

Screening date : 01-12-2013 -- 15:45
Palestine under mandat(s)
From the shores of the Sea of Galilee (Lake Tiberias) to East Jerusalem, the history of the region has been jagged, especially the displacement of the Palestinians, which has been going on for a over a century.

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