At the cinéma les 3 Luxembourg - 67 rue monsieur le prince 75006 paris
Screening date:29-11-2015 -- 16:00

Four Israeli and Palestinian directors created short films, both documentary and fiction, on the subject of sport.

- Ziva & Amal by Tal Oved, 13', fiction
Ziva is a longtime inmate and prison has become her natural environment. She shares a cell with Amal, a young Arab woman who dreams of a better life and yearns for freedom. Ziva is deeply attached to her, and when Amal is about to get released, Ziva decides to test their friendship once and for all, during a yoga class in prison.
Cinematography: Eli Shrem, Alon Mittelman, Editing: Maya Klar, Sound: Aviv Aldema, Production: Yiftah Elazar Kedem, Cast: Lirit Balaban, Hadar Ratzon Rotem, Nava Medina, Efrat Arnon.

- Blue Eagles by Ahmad Barghouti, 18', documentary
Wadi al-Nes is a tiny village near Bethlehem. In 1984, a father and his 12 sons created a football team to represent the village in the Palestinian Cup and called the team "Blue Eagles." All the players are construction workers in the nearby Jewish settlement until 4 pm, and then go directly to training.
Cinematography: Eyal Elisha, Ahmad Fayad, Editing: Yael Perlov, Production: Ahmad Barghouti

- Wourod by Ahmad Barghouti 18', documentary
A day in the life of Wourod Sawalha, a 22 year old runner, who starts every morning training on the mountain roads between her home in Nablus and the land of the family farm. She was chosen to represent Palestine at the London Olympics and the World Championship in Turkey..
Cinematography: Ahmad Fayad, Editing: Yael Perlov, Production: Ahmad Barghouti

- Jisr Boys by Matan Gur, 18', documentary
Jisr al-Zarka The only Arab village in Israel located by the sea, one of the finest surfing locations in the country. Unemployment and crime in Jisr al-Zarka are rampant, generating a choking, stifling sensation. The sea is the only refuge, the only open space. And when the tide rises and the surf comes in, nothing else matters. The surfers of Jisr al-Zarka drop their fishing nets, which are empty as it is, gather up their surfboards and run into the sea. Maybe this time they'll catch the long awaited wave, the wave that will take them as far away as possible.
Cinematography: Maayan Blech, Editing: Yael Perlov, Production: Matan Gur

- Just a Man by Lily Sheffy Rize, 22', fiction
Adam, a junior police officer, surprises his 7 year old son with a birthday present tickets to the Israel Football Cup. But on the day of the game, Adam's commander assigns him the task of transporting a Palestinian illegal alien from the hospital where he received medical treatment to his family in the Palestinian territories. What seemed to be a simple assignment turns out to be very complicated.
Cinematography: Yossi Meiri, Noam Ellis, Ofer Inov, Editing: Yaniv Rize Sheffy, Production: Matan Gur, Cast: Lior Ashkenazi, Dov Navon, Ruti Bornstein, Nehad Rada.

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Produced in creative freedom and in mixed crews of Palestinian and Israelis, the films reflect a personal, courageous point of view of reality. Sport was produced with the support of the Film and Television Department of Tel Aviv University, the Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts, the Gesher Multicultural Film Fund and the Culture Office of the United States Consulate General in East Jerusalem.

Project Initiator and Artistic Director: Yael Perlov
Production: Kobi Mizrahi, Ahmad Barghouthi (Israel/Palestine), Edgar Tenembaum, Nabil Ayouch (France)
Contact: Kobi Mizrahi


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