Middle East: What Can Cinema Do? presented 50 films for a viewing-packed week. Documentaries were in the majority, proving that the political and economic woes of the region have not stifled the filmmakers, but rather encouraged them to speak up. Half the films were features; ten shorts and the rest were mid-length works.

Works by these Middle Eastern film directors were complemented by a certain number of films by European and American directors, notably from Switzerland, Spain, France, the USA and Mexico. All the films presented at the event, in alphabetical order, are available below for you to discover.

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Screening date : 22-11-2007 -- 13h30
Men on the Edge – Fisherman’s Diary
For four years, the co-directors filmed Palestinian fishermen living in harmony with Israelis on a half-deserted beach near the border between Gaza and Israel. They are rough straight-forward, uninhibited men, who spend long and cold nights out to sea and then come back to warm themselves by the fire. Despite the ongoing bloody conflict between the two enemy peoples, this eclectic group of men is brought together by the needs of shared living.  An excursion into the masculine soul.

Screening date : 21-11-2007 -- 20h30
Mohammad & the Capoeira
Mohammad Mugraby is a teenager living in Sharfat, a refugee camp in Palestine located along the wall, which divides Israel from Palestine. Everyday, he has to go across the border to Israel where he participates in a capoeira training session in an Israeli school. He then returns home and  teaches capoeira to the Palestinian children in his camp. Portrait of a young guy who is trying to follow his passion, yet he must face the difficulties the reality of the country imposes on him.

Screening date : 26-11-2007 -- 13h30
Mots d'après la guerre
The film takes place in Lebanon and is structured as a narration based on interviews made with Lebanese artists and intellectuals shortly after the ceasefire, following the summer 2006 war between Israel and Lebanon.

Screening date : 21-11-2007 -- 15h30
Palestinian Series : Adel’s Song & Laughing
Adel's Song: Wael, a young Palestinian, is crazy about modern western music; his friend Adel is rather reticent about it and feels much closer to Arab Music and  classical songs. Firaz and Hassan, two children living in the camp, met them to get their points of view…Portrait of Palestinian youths, confronting their points of view…on music.
Directed by Firaz Zawahri, Hassan Zawahri

Screening date : 21-11-2007 -- 15h30
Practicing Bitterness
A short movie about a father, a military man, who teaches his son that life is unfair, and death is part of it.

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