A Word from the President of the Regional Council of Ile de France

Within two editions, "Middle-East : What Can Cinema Do" has asserted itself as an important cinematographic meeting in Ile de France (greater Paris). After the cinema of Israel and Palestine with the conflict as the backdrop, this third edition opens new windows and expresses new hopes of closeness and peace for other Middle Eastern countries.

A day dedicated to Palestinian and Israeli women, one presenting films against the war in Iraq, a closing film about the work of Daniel Barenboim, the conductor of an orchestra made up of Jewish and Arab musicians appearing in the whole world. A  program which includes over forty films, most of them never screened in France before, the presence of the film directors, meetings and debates with the audiences and specialised journalists in Middle East topics, all this makes this a privileged moment and a magnificent plea for peace.

The Region of Ile de France today is the largest organisation in France financing cinematographic and audiovisual production thanks to its fund for the technical industries, which largely helps many players in the industry, and in particular provides an important financial support to nearly 50 festivals or other cinematographic events throughout the entire territory.

The Region naturally renews its help for 2007 to this film event which stresses both the richness and diversity of the film production from that part of the world and its commitment in bringing, in its own way, a contribution to a dialogue for an all too long expected peace.

Jean-Paul Huchon
President of the Regional Council of Ile de France

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