Screening date:03/12/2009 -- 17h15
Avec un seul poumon

In the occupied territories, employment, "proper" or "improper", has first to be… possible! An unprejudiced look at a little recognized reality of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank: the forced unemployment of Palestinian men and women whose movements are limited and social rights ignored. A denunciation of the least visible hazards of occupation, which seep into the deepest recesses of daily living.

Country: Belgium
Year: 2008
Production: Intal - 53 Ch. De Haecht Haachtsesteenweg 53 - 1210 Brussels - Belgium - Tel : +32 2 209 23 50
Director: Michèle Seutin
Cinematography: Pierre Lempereur
Editing: Céline Darmayan
Dvcam   –  42 min

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Born in Brussels in 1947. At 15, she was a high school student activist. At the Université Libre de Bruxelles where she studied sociology, she was a member of the Communist Student's Union. In 1988 she joined the Belgian worker's union FGTB and became permanent secretary. Avec un seul poumon is her first film.

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