Screening date:10/12/2009 -- 17h30
Welcome to Hebron

Leila, a student at a Palestinian girls school surrounded by Israeli military installations and settlements, is a Moslem girl. But she does not fit the widespread western stereotype, characterizing Arab women as weak and victimized. She is chatting on MSN, discussing Jimi Hendrix with her mother. Leila is strong, intelligent, outspoken and have her own idea of a daily life free from oppression and violence.

Country: Sweden
ProductionEkedalen Produktion - Ekedalen Eklunda - 52293 Tidaholm - Sweden - Tel : 00 46 73 986 1622 -  website
Year: 2007
Director: Terje Carlsson
Editing: Josef Nyberg
Cinematography: Terje Carlsson
Music: Terje Carlsson
Sound: Ola Eliasson
Beta SP    color    55 min

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Born in 1974, he was a freelance journalist based for many years in Jerusalem, working mostly for Swedish National Radio and Television. Welcome to Hebron is his first full-length documentary.

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