Screening date:10/12/2009 -- 17h15
Surda Checkpoint

The Surda checkpoint: the flow of people and the changes over time; how people deal with the situation and adapt, or donít, and how the mood changes sometimes from resignation to confrontation.

Country: Iraq/UK
Year: 2005
Production:Kasim Abid
Director: Kasim Abid
Cinematography: Kasim Abid
Editing: Kais Al Zubaidi,Mohammed Al Maleh
Sound: Kasim Abid
DV cam - 30í

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Born in Baghdad, he has lived in London since 1982. He graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad, and the Moscow Film Institute VGIK. He works as a  cameraman for British television and as head of documentary programs at the Arab channel MBC. He is a co-founder of the Independent Film and TV College in Baghdad, where he conducts media training.

2008 - Life After the Fall
1999 - Naji Al Ali: Artist With Vision
1991 - Amid the Alien Corn

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