Screening date:09/12/2009 -- 20h
Stranger in My Home

The story of eight Palestinian Israeli families that have been turned into refugees in their own city. After forty years they recall the events that occurred in the Moghrabi Quarter of Jerusalem during the war of 1967. Each family goes to West Jerusalem to see their house which was taken from them in 1948.

Country: Palestine
Year: 2007
Production:  Sahera Production - Tel : +972 547 440 290 - Nahed Dirbas - Tel : +972 777 507 853
Director: Sahera Dirbas
Cinematography: Jameel Kadamany
Editing: Omar Awwad
Sound: Elisa Spanioli
Music: Yousef Makhol
DV cam - 37

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Born in Haifa in 1964, she got her diploma in chemical engineering from Handsaem College Technion. She published three books about three destroyed Palestinian villages based on oral history research: Salameh, Albirweh and Tirat Haifa, and works as a freelance TV producer & independent researcher for foreign TV stations.

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