Screening date:12/12/ 2009 -- 20h00
Quelques instants avec l’Imam

Every year, the inhabitants of Nabatiyya commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Al-Husayn in 680. The film explores the parallelism between war and rite in Nabatiyya, an important town in the Lebanese religious area.

Country: France
Year: 2007
Production:  Jean-Paul Colleyn - EHESS/ifpo – Tel: 01 53 63 51 59
Director: Michel Tabet
Cinematography: Michel Tabet
Editing: Michel Tabet
Sound: Michel Tabet
DV cam - 10'

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Born in Beirut in 1976, he is an anthropologist and documentary filmmaker. His visual anthropology thesis deals with the Achoura celebrations in Nabatiyya. He directed a film investigating Palestinian camps in other host countries, and continues his video work on contemporary music and dance.

2008 - Majlis féminin
2006 - Les larmes de Husayn

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