Screening date:03/12/2009
Puzzled Jerusalem

Cartography of a city. Portraits of Jerusalemites, from one district to the next, from west to east, following in the steps of Shanit, Neda, Avraham, Akram, and the Surkhi family. A wall that separates and chokes the Arab villages, imprisons families, who lose their identity, and stops the traffic of ambulances. A fragmented city where the checkpoints are constantly relocated according to the most recent happenings.

Country: Israel
Year: 2008
Production: Chanoch Zeevi - Maya Productions - P.O.Box 559 - Ra'anana - Tel : +972 9 743 23 72
Director: Asher Tlalim
Cinematography: Asher Tlalim
Editing: Asher Tlalim
Sound: Asher Tlalim
Music: Asher Tlalim
DVHD - 100'

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He has made over fifty films as scriptwriter, editor and director, which have been shown at a number of film festivals. He has taught editing, video-poetry and  directing feature and documentary films at the Sam Spiegel Jerusalem Film School, at Tel-Aviv University and Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem. He maintains his connection
with these schools as a visiting tutor. He joined the NFTS as a permanent tutor in 1998.

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2000 - Woman wihtout a Guile
1999 - My Yiddische Mama's Dream
1998 - Tkuma
1998 - A People and its Music: Mantova, Vienna, St. Petersburg
1998 - Between the Carob and the Olive Tree
1998 - Hitchhikers
1994 - Don't Touch my Holocaust
1992 - The Missing Picture
1990 - All the Lonely People

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