Screening date:13/12/2009 -- 15h30
A People in the Shadows

Almost thirty years after the revolution, and twenty since the end of the long Iran-Iraq war, a voyage into the heart of Tehran, a megalopolis of fourteen million people. The city is still recovering from its past, as talk of sanctions and a possible American attack resonate. An intimate look at the way people live in this immense city today, caught up in its paradoxes and contradictions.

Country: Iran
Year: 2008
ProductionPensée Sauvage Films - website
Director: Bani Khoshnoudi
Cinematography: Bani Khoshnoudi, Athina Rachel Tsangari
Editing: Bani Khoshnoudi, Marine Deleu
Sound: Jeremy Fleishman
Music: Andy Moor, Yannis Kyriakides
DigiBeta - 92'

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Born in Tehran in 1977. After studying photography and film in Austin, Texas, she moved to Paris. In 2004 she directed Transit, a short fiction which received the Grand Jury Prize at the Premiers Plans Film Festival in Angers. In 2006, she founded the production company, Pensée Sauvage Films. She is now developing her first fiction feature, Ziba, at the Cinéfondation writing residency of the Cannes Film Festival.

2004 - Transit
2004 - Shirin Ebadi: a Simple Lawyer
2003 - The New Criminals of Europe
2000 - Memory
1998 - Life Suspended

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