Screening date:12/12/2009 -- 17h15
Orange Bombs

War is over. The garden is full of clustered bombs. It is harvest time. Husband and wife are neutralizing bombs and plucking oranges.

Country: Iran
Year: 2008
Production: Documentary and Experimental Film Center (DEFC) - Tel : +98 21 885 113 26
Director: Majed Neisi
Cinematography: Majed Neisi
Editing: Majed Neisi
Sound : Majed Neisi
DV cam - 19'

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Born in 1981 in Ahvaz, Iran, he is a documentary filmmaker living in Tehran. In his childhood collecting the remains of the quivers from air bombardment by Iraqi MIG27 air fighters was his best entertainment. In 2000 he came to Tehran because of his interests in cinema.

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