Screening date:12/12/2009 -- 17h15
Creative Chaos: Round One

A little village in South Lebanon. A Lebanese filmmaker, after having taken his wife and daughter to safety, away from the Israeli bombings, comes back to his mother's house who even in the worst of times, refused to abandon her house and her newly planted orchard. He meets people who have lost everything and are still capable of joking, and life seems an irreversible cycle of destruction-reconstruction.

Country: Lebanon/Ireland/France
Production:  Bartolomeo Dibenedetto - Planet Korda Pictures - 12E, Thormanby Rd., Dublin 13, Irlande – Tel : 00 353 1 839 4520
Year: 2008
Director: Hassan Zbib
Editing: Ruben Korenfeld
Cinematography: Hassan Zbib
Sound: Dany Traboulsi
DVcam  –   66 min

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A graduate in drama of the Fine Arts Faculty of the Lebanese University, he studied two years in at ESEC (École Supérieure d'Études Cinématographiques) in Paris. He has been a reporter for several radio and TV networks since 1988 (RFI, RMC Orient, Radio Orient, TFL, La Cinq, CBS, NHK, Visnews).

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1991 - La Route de Damas
1990 - Labyrinthe
1986 - Ashoura

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