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Anne Paq has been photographing Palestine since 2003. She is the photographer behind the photo illustrated in our poster for the 2009 edition.

"My work as a photographer and as a legal researcher has always been closely intertwined. I  never formally studied photography. Photography gradually imposed itself on me as the best way to talk about the issues, the causes and the people I care the most about. I am an instinctive photographer; trying to grasp those moments of truths and especially those looks that will make you understand everything in one quarter of a second. A picture that goes straight to your heart will inevitably leave a trace there."

"Since 2003; I have been building an extensive collection of images on Palestine based on a  long-term perspective.  I try to explore life under military occupation and what are the consequences of the conflict on people and on landscape."

"I focus my work on Palestinian children, the Wall and its impact on Palestinians,  refugees and displaced persons as well as non-violent resistance to occupation. More recently I have also developed an interest for Bedouins on both sides of the Wall."

Visit her website.

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