Screening date: 27-11-2007 -- 15h45
The Market Boys

This is a story about pre-mature adulthood and the fight for survival of a 17 year old Palestinian boy who works for Jews in an Israeli marketplace. Nidal works to support his family and to cover the medical expenses of his sister who has leukaemia.  Nidal acts like a tough man who has taken upon himself the responsibility of supporting his family.

He arrives in Israel illegally, without any basic personal belongings, manages to escape the Israeli military controls and finally succeeds in finding work at the marketplace. His relationship with his Jewish boss, Hartselle, is complicated, but even a deadly terrorist attack by one of his fellow villagers on Israel doesn't hinder the relationship between the two and they remain friends. Despite that, Nidal does not see his future at the Marketplace like many of his friends do.  He dreams of becoming a pilot like his uncle in Finland.

This is a story of small heroes with big dreams that survive chaotic reality.

Country: Israel
Production: Itzik Lerner
Year: 2006
Director: Itzik Lerner
Editing: Alon Alshech
Cinematography: Avishai Ophir
Digital Vidéo  –  color  –  65 min

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Director and producer, Itzik Lerner studied cinema at Camera Obscura. He taught film directing at Sapir College and was head of the Video Department at Dimona Communications Center for more than ten years. Among his other film credits are: Impossible Love, the story of Yichieh the Bedouin and his Jewish wife; You're a Liar If You're Happy, 4 days before her suicide, Ainat leaves a chilling document; Between Palestine and Israel, the story of the Palestinian national soccer team and In the Heart of a Green Desert, in the heart of an Anthroposophical community, a home for severely mentally handicapped youths is set up.

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