Screening date: 27-11-2007 --13h30
Always Look Them in the Eyes

Who said that enemies do not communicate in times of war? In fact, violence, deception, and fear of the other are the only tools of communication between two struggling sides.

Always Look them in the Eyes is a documentary film that examines Palestinian forms of communication with Israelis. It does so by highlighting a story of an Israeli spy, called the Featherman, who in the seventies roamed the streets of Beirut pretending to be mad. By living among Palestinians and Lebanese, the Featherman broke a major war rule which forbids spoken communication in times of conflict.

Country: Palestine
Production: Nazwa Productions
Year: 2007
Director: - Azza El-Hassan - Tel: +962777966173
Editing: Azza El-Hassan
Cinematography: Azza El-Hassan
Sound: Talal Abu Al-Raghib
Cast: Rafik Kamhawi, Midian Al-Jazera, Mohtasab Araf
DigiBeta    color    65 min

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Azza El-Hassan was born in Amman, Jordan in 1971 into a Palestinian family.  Shortly after, the Jordanian-Palestinian clash broke out and her family fled from Amman to Beirut, where Azza spent her childhood. In 1982 following the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, her family fled again back to Amman. In 1989, she moved to England, where she obtained her BA in Film and Television Studies and Sociology at the University of Glasgow (1993) and her MA in Television Documentary from Goldsmiths' College, University of London (1994).  
She returned to Palestine in 1996 and has made several films about Palestinians living under occupation. An independent award-winning documentary filmmaker, Azza El-Hassa's work has been produced and shown by various international TV networks such as BBC, arte, YLE, ARD and screened at film festivals and art venues around the world. She is currently based in both Ramallah and Jordan.

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