Screening date: 24-11-2007 -- 21h00
Fragments d’histoire palestinienne (Palestine in Fragments)

These "fragments" are short documentaries, distributed in three series in progress :

Palestinian Sketches
Brief visual descriptions intended to capture a first or strong impression related to a place: a  walled landscape, a street, a room, a checkpoint, a settlement…

The Listening Chamber
Dreams, contemporary legends, incredible stories dwelling on the border between the real and the unreal, facts and fancies: exploring the unconscious to catch a profound glimpse of what the Palestinians are going through.

News of the Day
Unlike the « breaking-the-news-stories » of the media, these very special, always unexpected, beautiful, horrific, humorous News of the Day are concerned with really important moments: a man passing by like a ghost coming out of the past, friends joking, a marriage, a strange basketball match, a teenager's burial, an astonishing identity card…

Country: France
Production: Kinofilm - Tel : +33 1 06 22 10 75 08
Year: 2001-2007
Director: Dominique Dubosc
Editing: Dominique Dubosc
Cinematography: Dominique Dubosc
Video  –  color and B&W  –  85 min

Filmography: Dominique Dubosc
Manojhara (1969, 21 mn)   
Los dias de nuestra muerte (1970, 16 mn)
L'Ecole de la Neuville ou La Réunion (1986, 37 mn)
Le Documentariste ou le Roman d'enfance (1989, 42 mn)
The letter that was Never Written (1990, 55 mn)
Jean Rouch – Premier Film : 1947 – 1991 (1991, 26 mn)
Visiting Jonas Mekas (1992, 68 mn)
Duane Michals (1993, 13 mn)
L'Ecoute (1994, 22mn)
Le Conflit LIP 1973-1974 (1996, 75 mn)
Les News of the day de Jonas Mekas & Célébrations (2000, 51mn)
Les quatre jumelles (2000, 60 mn)
Palestine Palestine (2002, 76 mn)
Réminiscences d'un voyage en Palestine  (2004, 38 mn)
This Side Up (2004, 12 mn)
Fragments d'histoire palestinienne (2001-2007, 85 mn)

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After getting his diploma in ethnography ad psychology in 1965, Dominique Dubosc started working as a photographer. He taught social anthropology, directed short films, taught the history of syndicalism, and was a television director. Since 1987, he has been teaching cinema at Middlebury College and Columbia University.

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