At the cinéma les 3 Luxembourg - 67 rue monsieur le prince 75006 paris
Screening date:07-12-2013 -- 13:30
White Night

Night after night a group of about twenty Palestinian women, who don't have permits to enter Israel, make the long and treacherous journey from their village, crawling on the ground through a hole in the fence, and then into Jerusalem. Here they transform, blending into their surroundings, ready for a day's work, which will allow them to support their children. 

Country: Israel
Year: 2012
Production: Nurit Kedar, Mosh Danon/Inosan Production
Contact: Hadar Taylor Shechter
Director: Irit Gal
Editing: Yuval Orr
Cinematography: Daniel Gal
Music: Ilan Virzberg
DV 47'

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Irit Gal is a journalist and author, who has also worked as program director for Israeli television. As a filmmaker she has made numerous documentaries both for the screen and television.

Filmography (Selection)
2012 White Night
2008 Gilad Shalit: 2 Years in Captivity
2001 After the War
1999 Harmed Forces
1996 Heavy Waters Run Deep


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