At the cinéma les 3 Luxembourg - 67 rue monsieur le prince 75006 paris
Screening date:06-12-2013 -- 18:00
Wahdon (Alone)

In Norma Marcos' own words, "Wahdon draws its inspiration from two true stories: one is from the poem by the Lebanese writer Talal Haidar, which was written immediately after the failure of a Palestinian military operation.

The other is based on the story of a French woman, Francoise Kesteman, who was an activist for the Palestinian cause. I met her in the early 80's. She was killed at sea during a military operation against the Israeli army."

: Lebanon/France
Year: 2012
Contact: Fanny de Pontbriand
Director: Norma Marcos
Editing: Margot Meynier
Cinematography: Sean Fitzpatrick
Sound: Philippe Fabbri
Music: Agnès Vincent
Cast: Jihad al-Atrash, Hassiba Freiha, Alain Saadeh, Jamal Awar, Joe Seklaoui
Docufiction – 11'

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French filmmaker originally from Palestinian, Norma Marcos has directed three acclaimed documentaries: Fragments of a Lost Palestine (2010), Waiting for Ben Gourion (2006) and The Veiled Hope (1993), which were selected at a number of prestigious festivals around the world. She's currently working on a feature film screenplay and is about to publish her first book.

2011 - Fragments d'une Palestine perdue
2006 - En attendant Ben Gourion
1995 – Kamellia
1994 - L'Espoir voilé
1990 - Bethléem sous surveillance


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