Screening date:06/12/2011 -- 18h00
Ode nomade / Nomad's Home

Nomadís Home portrays two Arab women born in Egypt whose social and cultural conditions are very different. Iman Kamel is an Egyptian filmmaker who left Cairo to settle down in Berlin, while Selema Gabaly is a Bedouin entrepreneur confined to the distant regions of the Sinai Peninsula.

Country: Allemagne/Egypte/Kowait
Production: Nomadís Home Productions (Allemagne/Egypte), Talal Al-Muhanna
Year: 2010
Director: Iman Kamel
Editing: Klaudia Begic
Cinematography: Ute Freund
Sound: Frieder Butzmann
Music: Frieder Butzman, Kiva Simova
Cast: Selema Gabaly, Iman Kamel
DV - 61'

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A native of Cairo, Iman Kamel followed a programme of interdisciplinary studies at the Berlin School of the Arts. She founded the Initiative Film Aktiv in order to work in a creative way with young people and immigrants. She currently lives in Berlin.

1995 - Noara
1997 - Khadega
2002 - Hologram
2004 - Nachiket
2006 - The Clouds are There
2010 - Ode nomade

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