Screening date:09/12/2011 -- 18h00
Mohammed Rewind

An Israeli military vehicle runs over a young Palestinian in the West Bank. As he rewinds the recorded video, the filmmaker asks himself whether making such a documentary is justified and what is the responsibility of the docu-filmmaker. 

Country: Canada
Production: Arnaud Bouquet/Guerilla Digital - Tel : +1 514 658 1778  
Year: 2009
Director: Arnaud Bouquet
Editing: Arnaud Bouquet
Cinematography: Arnaud Bouquet
Sound: Arnaud Bouquet
Beta –  8' 

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Arnaud Bouquet lives between Quebec and France. As a cameraman and director, he has specialized in documentaries in order to film in the streets, close to the people. After the shooting of  Buenos Aires, no llores, he co-directed his first feature, Si j’avais un chapeau, in which children from Quebec, India, Tanzania and Palestine are interviewed. He is at present working on two documentary series for television.

2002 - Buenos Aires, no Llores
2005 - Si j'avais un chapeau
2007 - Partir pour ses idées
2009 – Mohammed Rewind

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