Screening date:04/11/2011 -- 18h00
Iran About

A journey into Iranian society through the voices of many young people who, anonymously, speak freely about their reality made up of prohibitions, privation and even mortal risks in order to obtain what we believe is simple and ordinary:  a bottle of wine or the chance to strike up relationships. A story in B&W, just like the lives that these young people lead under the auspices of the Islamic Republic of Iran.  

Country: Italy
Production: Fataka International for RAI Educational
Year: 2010
Director: Emilio Casalini
Editing: Emilio Casalini
Cinematography: Emilio Casalini
Sound: Emilio Casalini
Music: Rana Farhan
DVcam – 27' 

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Emilio Casalini was born in Padua in 1969. He holds a degree in International Relations. Being a journalist and photo reporter by profession, he began collaborating with the RAI Educational in 1998.

2003/2006 - Francia, l'islam svelato (France, l'islam dévoilé)
2006 - La Frontera (La Frontière)
2007 - Velo e libertà (Foulard et liberté)
2007 - Roma Romania (Rome Roumanie)
2008 - Il mare d'inferno (La Mer d'enfer)
2008 - Le colline non hanno occhi (La Colline n'a pas d'yeux)
2009 - Ex-Eutelia, la vera storia (Ex-Eutelia, la véritable histoire)
2010 - Iran about

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