Screening date:09/12/2011 -- 18h00
Into the Belly of the Whale

Younis decides to make his last tunnel run between Gaza and Egypt, to break the Israeli siege, but things take a turn for the worst. While stuck underground, he ponders existential questions about fate and the contradictions of being alive underground.

Country: Palestine/Jordan
Production: Hazim Bitar / Amman Filmmakers Cooperative - Tel : +962776400434
Year: 2010
Director: Hazim Bitar
Editing: Hazim Bitar
Cinematography: Hazim Bitar
Sound: Hazim Bitar
Music: Marcel Khalife, Mohamad Flefel
Cast: Alabbas Saed, Leen Azzam, Hussam Ayesh, Muhammad Azzam, Muhammad Abujudeh, Almamoun Abughazaleh
DV 24' 

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Hazim Bitar was born in 1964 in Saudi Arabia to Palestinian parents who were exiled during the Israeli invasion and occupation. He migrated to the USA to pursue his undergraduate studies in computer sciences, before he moved to Jordan in 2002. His orientation into filmmaking stems from his civil and human rights activism. He produced a number of documentaries in support of United Nations projects with a focus on refugees and women's issues.

2007 From Nowhere with Love
2008 The View
2008 Thyme Goes On
2010 - Into the Belly of Whale

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