Screening date:06/12/2011 -- 20h30

A foreign woman in a foreign country. Her beautiful and generous body is her only identity. Far from other people's view, she lives a moment of happiness in pleasant solitude, a moment of great freedom which belongs only to her.

Country: France
Production: Paris-Brest Productions, tel : +33 298 46 48 97, fax : +33 298 46 48 97, Contact us
Year: 2009
Director: Nadine Naous
Editing: Gladys Joujou
Cinematography: Virginie Pichot
Sound: Henri Puizillout
Music : Henri Puizillout
Cast: Hiam Abbass
DV – 8'

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After studying literature and film, Nadine Naous was assistant director on several documentaries and fiction films. She was a film critic for the daily Al Hayat, and for two years a reporter and director for Arte. She is also an artist and has created installations which question her Lebanese and Palestinian identity, among them "Reflection", 10 super 8 et vidéo installations.

2007 - Chacun sa Palestine
2009 - Clichés

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