Screening date:04-11-2011 -- 15h30
Chronique d’un Iran interdit

While a strong wind of freedom is blowing over the Arab world, the youth of Iran are still waiting. It was in 2009 that they were the first to rebel against a monolithic regime and demand more freedom, an end to corruption and that their vote be respected. The director has been able to weave together clandestine videos sent to her from Iran, other footage from Iranian activists in France and her own images.

Country: France
Production: Magnetopress: Marc Berdugo, Serge Khalfon, Elfriede Leca
Year: 2010
Director: Manon Loizeau
Editing: Bruno Joucla
Cinematography: Pascal Vasselin, Cyril Thomas, Guillaume Comtet, Neda Tanha (Iran), Noor Azadeh (Iran), Sharzad Shabaneh (Iran)
Sound: Thomas Amiard, Franck Dubosc
Music: Mahdyar Aghjani
Dvcam – 80' 

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At 24, after periods of training at publications like Liberation and Le Nouvel Observateur, Manon Loizeau settled in Moscow where she contributed regularly to Le Monde and the BBC. She then moved progressively from the written word to images. Her 2003 film Grozny, chronique d'une disparition, clandestinely shot, won several prizes, notably in 2004 at "Reporters sans frontiers" and from FIGRA, an international festival of news reporting in France.

2003 - Grozny, chronique d'une disparition
2005 - Grandir sans camisole
2006 - La Malédiction de naître fille
2008 - Carnets de route en Géorgie
2009 - Meurtres en série au pays de Poutine

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