Screening date:04/12/2009 -- 20h
Journal d’une orange, aller simple

Before 1948, the orange growing region of Jaffa was handled by Palestinians, after 1948 by Israelis. The orange groves have spread continuously, the production has grown and is exported worldwide. The labour force however has remained Palestinian. But they, who were once owners, have been expropriated and expelled, and the next generations have become seasonal laborers.

Country: France
Year: 2009
Production:  Stella Productions - Tel : +336 07 67 30 72
Director: Jacqueline Gesta
Cinematography: Guy Davidi, Jacqueline
Gesta et Ala’ Abu Goush
Editing: Jacqueline Gesta, Fabien Orsatelli, Sylvie Logier
Sound: Benjamin Marcus
Vidéo - 52’

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Born in France in 1950. A passion for photography made her become a photojournalist in 1988. In 2001 she turned to making documentaries.

2008 - La mère de Hamza
2004 - Les Souvenantes. Ha Zo’hrot
2003 - Je hais les matins
2003 - Mémoire sensible
2002 - Chambre 314
2002 - Francine

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