Screening date:07/12/2009 -- 17h15
Filles d’Iran, un chemin secret dans la montagne

An old man is driving his van in the countryside to distribute books to young girls who are impatiently waiting for his arrival. He is but an illiterate man. They remind us what it means to live in a country where the position of women is one of inferior, and that we might have forgotten how education, intellectual curiosity and culture are the most efficient means to obtain equal rights in society.

Country: France/Iran
Year: 2001
Production: Lilith Production - 52 rue Douai 75009 Paris - Tel : 01 40 16 07 68 
Director: Hormuz Kéy
Cinematography: Javad Bozorgmehr
Editing: Dominique Barbier
Sound: Javad Bozorgmehr, Mohsen Amiri, Mahamad Amiri
Music: Ebrahim Khashige, Réza Jahandidéh, Nassim
Video  –   52 min

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Born in Yazd, Iran, he holds a doctorate in arts and arts sciences from the Sorbonne University. He lives in France and is the author of « Le Cinéma iranien, image d'une société en bouillonnement » published in 1999. Since 2003, he has taught in the cinema and audiovisual departments of the University Paris VII of Marne La Vallée.

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