Event date: 03-12-2007
Filmmakers' Call Against the War

Dear Friends,

This is a call to foster a dynamic international filmmakers' movement in the hopes of collectively speaking against the war.

We think it is time to raise our voices and put in our best efforts to stop the current and upcoming war escalation in the Near & Middle East, and support and participate in anti-war awareness campaigns to stop this destructive nuclear madness.

This call echoes and joins other ongoing ones, and extends the Call of Filmmakers of the summer of 2006 that was designed to bring support and solidarity to the Palestinian and Lebanese Resistance, and that resulted in a series short films distributed through 'CINESOUMOUD' on the web and screened in independent movie theaters, on the web and in international film festivals.

The idea is that each filmmaker who signs this petition is urged to complete a short film against the war (less than 5 minutes), and asked to make it available on the internet and in digital format (dv tape or dvd) for eventual public screenings. And all those who are able and desire to do so should organize public and private screenings.

This Call is the consequence of a collective effort by filmmakers who recently met at the Casa Cine Festival in Morocco. Given the urgency of the situation and the imminent threat of more military interventions in upcoming months, it is our hope that some of these films be made available as early as the end of this month of November.

Signatories will be asked to send a confirmation email with their last and first names, country of residence and/or production, email address, short description of the short film project, and any additional information deemed necessary to the following address: Filmmakers' Call Against the War

It is also advisable that each filmmaker organizes him/herself autonomously in specific cities, regions and countries so that we can pool together all these resources. We will try to communicate horizontally via the exchange of mailing lists.


Samir ABDALLAH(Egypte-France) – Jean-Jacques ANDRIEUX (Belgique) - Hakim BELABBES (Maroc) – Khalil BENKIRANE (Maroc) – Jean-Yves CROIZE (France) - Dalila ENNADRE (Maroc) – Ali ESSAFI (Maroc) – Yasmine KASSARI (Maroc) - Fat้ma LOUKILI (Maroc) – Nadia REDON (France)

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