Screening date: 26-11-2007 --13h30
Chacun sa Palestine (My Palestine)

Sabrina, Rawad, Said and other young Palestinian refugees born in Lebanon enter the photographer's studio one at a time. The rules of the game are simple. Each one selects one photo background from among the different views of mythical cities: New York, Paris, Beirut and Jerusalem.

Each one then tells his story, his projects, and his own questioning. They all share a certain nostalgia for a land they do not - and perhaps will never - know:  Palestine.

Country: Lebanon/France
Production: TS Productions (Celine Loiseau) & Paris-Brest Productions
Sales: Andana Films (Stephan Riquet)
Year: 2006
Director: Nadine Naous & Léna Rouxel
Editing: Gladys Joujou    
Cinematography: Léna Rouxel & Sébastien Ronceray
Sound: Jérôme Ayasse
Video  –  color  –  57 min

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After studying literature and film, Nadine Naous was assistant director on several documentaries and fiction films (Paris, mon petit corps est bien las de ce grand monde, directed by Franssou Prenant, Beirut … Beirut, by Basil Ramsis).
She was an Arab-French translator on several documentaries, a film critic for the daily Al Hayat, and for two years a reporter and director for ARTE-France. She is also an artist and has created installations which question her Lebanese and Palestinian identity, among them "Reflections", 10 super-8 and video installations.

Lena Rouxel studied cinematography at FEMIS and works as DOP on both documentary and fiction films (Basse-Normandie, by Patricia Nazuy and Simon Reggiani, Microclimat, by Marie Helia, Gégé, by Merzak Allouache. Also a photographer, she has had exhibitions on, among other, two Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon: Baddawi and Nahr-el-bred.

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