Screening date: 25-11-2007 -- 15h30
Can You Hear Me?

Israeli and Palestinian women fight for peace.

The documentary explores the in-depth role of Israeli and Palestinian women, peace activists dealing with one of the world's oldest conflicts…

There is bonding, there is friction, there are differences of opinion. But these women keep on trying to hear each other and do not give up their work for peace. This inspiring series of portraits sheds light on what women can accomplish not only in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but though the power of their work in other conflicts throughout the world.

Production: Lilly's Productions
Lilly Rivlin
Tel: +1  212.242.0327
Year: 2006
Director: Lilly Rivlin
Editing: Pola Rapaport
Cinematography: Andrei Brauns, Shiri Bar On, Barbara Becker, Larry Price, Lilly Rivlin
Narrator: Debra Winger
Video  –  color  –  79 min

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Lilly Rivlin est journaliste, écrivain et cinéaste. Elle est aussi consultante pour la politique au Moyen-Orient, les questions juives, la résolution non-violente des conflits et les questions de genre. Elle est la co-fondatrice du premier Seder féministe, membre du « International Committee of Women of the Wall ». Avant Can you hear me ? elle a réalisé Miriam's daughters now, The Tribe, Gimme a Kiss.

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