Screening date: 23-11-2007 -- 13h30
Winter in Baghdad (Invierno en Bagdad)

The President of the U.S. George W. Bush and the Prime Ministers of Spain Jose Maria Aznar, and Tony Blair of the U.K. declare without hesitation that Iraq possesses weapons of mass destruction threatening  the whole world.. Part of the Spanish population mobilizes against war, and a group gathers, deciding to head towards Iraq, where they are to meet several other groups from various countries. Once they have reached Iraq, war breaks out and they proceed to go out to meet the victims, especially youths who are the survivors of the daily horror and no longer children in spirit.

Country: Spain
Production: Elías Querejeta  - Contact : Jesus Cano
Year: 2005
Director: Javier Corcuera
Editing: Martín Eller
Cinematography: Jordi Abusada
Music: Naseer Shamma
DigitalVideo  –  color  –  80 min

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Javier Corcuera was born in 1967 in Lima, Peru. This documentary filmmaker was garnered prizes for his first film The Back of the World in 2000 which depicts the small children working as quarrymen in Peru, Kurdish political refugees from Turkey, and families and inmates awaiting the end on Mississippi's Death Row.

Espalda del mundo, La (The Back of the World, 2000)
Guerrilla de la memoria, La (The Guerrilla of Memory, 2002)
Condenados al corredor (2003)
Hijas de Belén (2004)
En el mundo a cada rato (2004)
Invierno en Bagdad (2005)
Invisibles (2007)

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