Screening date: 22-11-2007 -- 17h30
To pass an elephant through a needle's eye

The film follows one Saturday morning at the Beit Ibba checkpoint, one of the checkpoints besieging the city of Nablus. Beit Ibba checkpoint is not exceptional. There are dozens more like it in the West Bank. They do not separate the state of Israel and the occupied territories but are placed deep within Palestinian territory, and have one purpose: to impose hardship on people's lives, deny them freedom of movement, and imprison them in segregated, restricted territorial cells.

Nothing astounding happened on this blazing hot day. No one was shot or handcuffed, beaten, forced to sit on a pile of garbage, or to face the wall. Soldiers 'only' tried to prevent a boy from going to get a blood transfusion, but eventually he passed.

Just an ordinary day at an ordinary checkpoint with ordinary Palestinians, trying to enter Nablus, and ordinary soldiers who routinely prevent them from doing so.

Country: Israel
Production: Tamar Goldschmidt
Year: 2006
Director: Tamar Goldschmidt
Editing: Tamar Goldschmidt
Cinematography: Tamar Goldschmidt
DVcam    color    55min

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Tamar Goldschmidt (born in Jerusalem) came to filmmaking relatively late in life, having spent her early adulthood steeped in commissioning public art. She worked for the Jerusalem Foundation as an advisor and as commissioner for Art and as art advisor to Mayor of Jerusalem Teddy Kollek.  
In 2000 she bought her first video camera and after studying the basics of filming and editing, she produced a few films about artists. The political situation in Israel pushed her gradually towards documenting the life of Palestinians under the Israeli occupation, and this has become her full-time activity ever since.
She has since produced a number of films both short and long, and also set up and runs a website: mahsanmilim - reports from the west bank which contains her videos, photos and text reports by her colleague Aya Kaniuk. She was recently a member of the "In the Spirit of Freedom" Jury at the Jerusalem Film Festival. 

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