Screening date: 26-11-2007 -- 18h15
Terminator, the Last Battle

On February 14, 2005, former Lebanese prime minister Rafic Hariri's murder set off an unprecedented popular uprising.

Young people from various political parties accused Syria of the crime and organised a sit-in in the city centre of Beirut to demand the withdrawal of the Syrian military after 30 years of occupation.

Among these militants was a veteran of the Lebanese army nicknamed "Terminator". In 1989-1990, he had fought the "War of Liberation" led by general Michel Aoun against the Syrians which ended in defeat. Fifteen years later the hour of revenge had come. An impulsive, imperious, highly motivated "terminator" formed the protest calling for a united, independent Lebanon.

But the demons of civil war still lurk in the land of the Cedar; sooner or later, the ancient political-religious divisions would surface again, hope and illusions topple over, the revolution subsides, and the old leaders come back to power.

Part personal history, part national destiny, Terminator, the Last Battle, takes us to the heart of the non-concluded  "Beirut Spring" through the eyes of a protagonist as paradoxical, disturbing and involved as the country itself.

Country: Lebanon/France
Production: Khayyam Cinema (Liban) et BiZiBi (France)
Year: 2006
Director: Katia Jarjoura
Editing: Christian Abi Abboud
Cinematography: Katia Jarjoura
Sound: Katia Jarjoura
MiniDV  –  color  –  75 min

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Born in 1975 in Canada, Katia Jarjoura studied journalism and political science. She was the CBC/Radio Canada correspondent in Beirut.

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