Screening date: 27-11-2007 -- 13h30
Quelques miettes pour les oiseaux (A Few Crumbs for the Birds )

Ruwayshed, a no man's land at the border. The last village in Jordan before Iraq...
I went there without a real scenario. I was looking for my film for a couple of days until Annemarie, the director of photography, played a song for me from an Iraqi-Palestinian band while the car was leading us to the Iraqi border.

As the rhythm of this sorrowful yet hopeful song filled the car, we were led towards the village of Ruwayshed, all the way to the end of a black rock desert. We then arrived in a Western-like landscape, an extremely calm no man's land just a few kilometres from Iraq. We played this song for the people we met and we made the inhabitants listen to it…

Country: France/Jordan
Production: Eris Production / Evens Foundation - Germana Jaulin
Year: 2005
Director: Nassim Amaouche
Editing: Annemarie Jacir
Cinematography: Annemarie Jacir
Sound: Dana Farzanehpour
DVCam  –  color  –  28 min

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Nassim Amaouche was born in 1977 in Sèvres, France, of Algerian descent, and holds a sociology degree from the University of Paris. His debut documentary was a portrait of war photographer Marc Garanger (De l'autre côté, 2003), which received the Prix Découverte of the French Critics in 2004 as well as other festivals' awards.

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