Screening date: 21-11-2007 -- 15h30
Palestinian Series : Adel’s Song & Laughing

Adel's Song: Wael, a young Palestinian, is crazy about modern western music; his friend Adel is rather reticent about it and feels much closer to Arab Music and  classical songs. Firaz and Hassan, two children living in the camp, met them to get their points of view…Portrait of Palestinian youths, confronting their points of view…on music.
Directed by Firaz Zawahri, Hassan Zawahri

Laughing: Raed is a 9-year old boy living in a refugee camp in Palestine. He is suffering from epileptic disorders. He is not used to being with other boys his age, and hangs around most of the time with his brother or alone. Yet, he doesn't seem to be affected by his own trouble.  Laughing helps him to overcome his disease in his daily life. For him, we have to continue to walk and walk, day by day, the way we are…
Directed by Hammad al Dubes, Yiad Abbas, Mohammad Azmi

Country: Palestine
Production: L'atelier vidéo Ibdaa (Ibdaa Video Workshop) – Contact Pauline Carbo
Year: 2006
Director: The children of Dheisheh camp
DVCam  –  color  –  5'20" & 5'40"

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Mohammad, Firaz, Hassan, Yiad, and Hammad, are children of the Dheisheh refugee camp in Palestine, not so far from Jerusalem. For the second time, they participated in a video short film workshop held at Ibdaa, the Cultural Center of the camp.

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