Screening date: 21-11-2007 -- 20h30
Mohammad & the Capoeira

Mohammad Mugraby is a teenager living in Sharfat, a refugee camp in Palestine located along the wall, which divides Israel from Palestine. Everyday, he has to go across the border to Israel where he participates in a capoeira training session in an Israeli school. He then returns home and  teaches capoeira to the Palestinian children in his camp. Portrait of a young guy who is trying to follow his passion, yet he must face the difficulties the reality of the country imposes on him.

Country: Palestine
Production: Saada Media - Alternative Information Center
Year: 2006
Director: Jamal Khalaile  
Cinematography: Yaer Sagi, Rocco Nuri, Mamdoh Afdela
Editing: Rocco Nuri,  Jamal Khalaile, Mamdoh Afdela
DVCam    color    8 min

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Jamal Khalaile was born in Akko in 1976. He graduated with a Cinema and Television degree in Jerusalem where he studied direction and production. In 2006, he worked for the A.I.C (Alternative Information Center) and led video workshops at the Jerusalem cinematheque and in the West Bank for Palestinian children living in the Dheisheh refugee camp. He taught cinema in Arab schools in Northern Israel for Channel 2. He is currently working as a free-lance director and producer.

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