Screening date: 25-11-2007 -- 18h30
Last Supper Abu Dis

The documentary, Last Supper - Abu Dis, records the final phase of Israel's wall construction in the Palestinian Village of Abu Dis. The village is located SE of East Jerusalem, near the West Bank border. Villagers have a panoramic view of Jerusalem. While workers finalize construction, the people share their thoughts and feelings about the wall, eight-meters high, erected just meters from their homes.

Once complete, the concrete wall separates neighbours; it severs access to schools and hospitals; it prevents the use of green areas; and it eliminates their breathtaking view of Jerusalem.
The wall makes the people feel like they live in prison.

Country: Palestine/Switzerland
Production: Leen Production (Palestine) & Akka Films (Suisse)
Year: 2005
Director: Issa Freij
Editing: Issa Freij
Cinematography: Issa Freij, Nicolas Wadimoff
Music: Avro Part; Speigel Im Spiegel; Fur Alima
Video    color    28 min

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Born in Jerusalem, Issa Friej is an accomplished cameraman, bringing over 25 years of experience working for various news agencies in Palestine to this expertly shot piece. He is also a founder of Al Ma'amal Foundation for Contemporary Art in Jerusalem, as well as musician member of the group Sabreen.

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