Screening date: 23-11-2007 -- 15h45
Iraq in Fragments

Iraq in Fragments illuminates post-war Iraq in three acts, building a vivid picture of a country pulled towards different directions by religion and ethnicity. Filmed in verité style, with no scripted narration, the film powerfully explores the lives of ordinary Iraqis: people whose thoughts, beliefs, aspirations, and concerns are at once personal and illustrative of larger issues in Iraq today.

Part One follows Mohammed Haithem , an 11-year-old auto mechanic in the mixed Sheik Omar neighbourhood in the heart of old Baghdad.

Part Two is filmed inside the Shiite political/ religious movement of Moqtada Sadr, travelling between Naseriyah and the holy city of Najaf.

Part Three follows Iraqi Kurds as they assert their bid for independence, rebelling against the past atrocities of Baghdad rule. We follow these developments through the eyes of a brick makers and his childhood friends on a farm south of Arbil.

Country: Iraq
Production: James Longley
Typecast Films
Year: 2006
Director: James Longley
Editing: Billy McMillin, Fiona Otway, James Longley
Cinematography: James Longley
Sound: James Longley
DigitalVideo  –  couleur  –  94 mn

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James Longley was born in Oregon in 1972. He studied film in the US and in Moscow. His student documentary, Portrait of Boy with Dog, about a boy in a Moscow orphanage, was awarded the Student Academy Award in 1994. After working as a film projectionist in Washington State, an English language teacher in Siberia, a newspaper copy editor in Moscow, and a web designer in New York City, James travelled to Palestine in 2001 to make his first feature documentary, Gaza Strip.
He spent more than two years filming Iraq in Fragments, recording more than 300 hours of material. Winner of Best Director, Best Cinematography and Best Editing awards in the 2006 Sundance Film Festival documentary competition, and nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature in 2007.

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