Screening date: 24-11-2007 -- 15h30
In Working Progress

In the wake of the withdrawal of the Israeli forces and the evacuation of some settlements, a new town, Modi'in Illit, is being built west of Ramallah on the land of the Palestinian villages of Bil'in.

The big, semi-public building firms have seized the opportunity to extend illegally, under the protection of the Israeli security infrastructure, the site earmarked for the new settlements.

As for the Palestinian labourers, not only are their living and working conditions wretched, but they contribute, paradoxically, to the destruction of their land, and to the construction of the wall which will protect the new, urban reality.

Country: Israel/Switzerland
: Alexandre Goetschmann, Guy Davidi
Year: 2006
Director: Alexandre Goetschmann, Guy Davidi
Digital Video  –  N&B  –  45 min

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Born in Switzerland, a specialist of the ancient Middle-East, Alexandre Goetschmann has a doctorate in mythology and philology from the University of Tel Aviv. In the last three years, he has worked as DOP on documentaries, and as a writer in the Middle East. He is also the director of the photo studio "Centre Espoir" in Geneva, and a technician with the Spazio Zero in Rome, where he indulges his passion for the stage.

Guy Davidi was born in Israel. He is a graduate in acting and directing from Amir Oryan's "The Room Theatre" school and is a film director and professor of cinema. He has been DOP on several documentaries, among which Les souvenantes (65 min) on the Israeli memory of the 1948 deportation of the Palestinian people, and La Mère de Hamza (52 in) on a refugee camp.

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