Screening date: 25-11-2007 -- 18h30
Depuis que tu nes plus l (Since You Left)

Mohamed Bakri is seen at the grave of his mentor Emile Habibi, a Palestinian politician and writer; he wishes to inform him of the events which have happened since he died.

Against a background of the October 2000 riots, the Palestinian Intifada, the suicide bombing and the Israeli reprisals, two events in particular suddenly upset his daily life: the Meron bombing in connection with which two of his nephews are indicted and then convicted; and the direction and showing of his film Jenin, Jenin.

Both events arouse a violent reaction in the Israeli community. Thanks to his friends' support, and at the end of a long legal battle, Bakri obtains the release of the film, but the struggle has profoundly shaken his beliefs.

Country: Palestine/Israel
Production:  Ness Communication & Production Ltd.
Contact: Avi Kleinberger
Tel : +972 3 544 1048
Year: 2005
Director: Mohammad Bakri
Editing: Gabi Shihor
Cinematography: Fayal Hassairi, Shai Peleg, Shuki Dekel
Music: Amir Shahser, Habid Shhadah
Sound: Jerard Alush
DigiBeta    color    58min

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Mohammad Bakri was born in Bina Village in Galilee. He studied acting and graduated from the Tel Aviv University. Since 1976, his professional acting career has been prolific: in theatres in Israel and Palestine as well as for the silver screen and television. He has worked with film directors such as Hannah Elias, Benny Toraty, Rashid Masharawi, Michel Khleifi, Amos Gitai and Constantin Costa- Gavras. He acts in Hebrew and Arabic. He has won no less than four Best Actor awards, notably for his role in Private by Saverio Costanzo at the Locarno International Film Festival 2004. Since You Left is his third documentary as director, following 1948 in 1998 and Jenin, Jenin in 2002.

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