Screening date: 24-11-2007 -- 15h30
Closing Your Eyes

September 2005. The Israelis are leaving Gaza. But how about the situation in the West Bank?

Three Palestinian towns dying of confinement and suffocation: Nablus, the rebellious, lively and loud… Hebron, the resigned, empty and silent… Qalqilya, dying… And a giraffe her eyes wide open, with an infinite look of sadness. Closing tour eyes or how to open our eyes when they are wide shut?

Through testimonies of these three villages' inhabitants, this film shows the population's despair and isolation. How to live and survive in the West Bank?

Country: France
ProductionReal ProductionsContact
Tel: +33 (0)1 40 35 55 00 
Year: 2006
Director: Robin Hunzinger
Editing: Léonore Desuzinges
Cinematography: Robin Hunzinger
Music & Sound: Jean-Philippe Chalte
DigiBeta  –  color  –  53 min

Filmography: Robin Hunzinger
Gorazde, Psychogeography of a Border (1998, 52 mn)
Traces de guerre (1999, 26 mn)
Les Pionniers du Paysage (1999 -2000, 43 mn)
Voyage dans l'entre-deux (2001, 52 mn)
1942 : Enquête de mémoire (2002, 52 mn)
Eloge de la cabane (2003, 52 mn)
Natzwiller-Struthof : Un souvenir français (2004, 59 mn)
Closing your Eyes (2006, 53 mn)
Ou sont nos amoureuses  (2006, 52 mn)
Emma's Way (2006, 52 mn)

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After studying History and Art History in Strasbourg, Robin Hunzinger started cinema studies at the University of Paris at Jussieu with Jean Douchet, Jean Rouch and Bernard Cuau. He went to Bosnia during the war, in 1993. He did not bring any images back, but he came back with a deep desire to learn how to make documentaries. His first film, Gorazde, Psychogeography of a Border, was supported by UNESCO. It approached some themes that would later be found in his other films: war, border, memory, nature, men facing the unthinkable...

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